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Melayne Shayne is a Budokon Mixed Movement Artist (Yoga, Martial & Living Arts, Animal Locomotion and Calisthenics). From a young age, she has been drawn to movement and self expression. For Melayne, moving is more than making shapes with the body, it is a life long commitment to self reflection, personal development and contribution. Before finding her true love and authentic expression in Budokon, she has sought to practice and learn from teachers around the globe within various lineages and styles as Prana Flow, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Pilates and Capoeira. Her love for mixed movement as well as living and sharing the Budokon philosophy is reflected in her commitment to her black belt, and her grounded, detailed and compassionate style of teaching. In life and during her classes she seeks to be inspired and inspire others, to challenge herself and others. She enables her students to feel, explore and discover themselves in a unique and authentic way. Together with her husband Cameron Shayne, she travels the world educating and inspiring students through BDK teacher trainings, international festivals and conferences.

Conference Classes

Samstag 10:30 - 12:00 | Budokon is bringing sexy back

Time to get your sexy on, free your hips, hearts and minds. Join Melayne Shayne for this fun and playful exploration of hips, spine and shoulder mobility. This is a perfect opportunity for women, men, couples and singles inspired to integrate your asana and meditation practice into your love life. This class will empower and inspire you to connect with your own sexuality, sensuality and love life through asana, light-heartedness, and thought provoking conversation. Get ready for fun.

Socks & long sleeve shirt suggested to cover skin for smoother floor transition.

Samstag 13:00 - 14:30 | The Budokon Warrior Yogi

Learn how Budokon combines martial arts and yogic principals taught in the tradition of our Budokon system – the ‘Way of the Warrior Spirit’. As warriors we cultivate the courage to change what can be changed. As Yogis we cultivate an understanding and acceptance of what we cannot. As Humans we learn to discern the difference between the two.

During this workshops Melayne Shayne will break down and dissect elements of the  Budokon Yoga Primary and 2nd Series, combining strong and circular sequence of yogic asanas, martial arts transitions, animal locomotion to increase your muscular strength, body control and stability, agility, mobility and the cultivation of pure witness state zen mind.

Sonntag 13:00 - 14:30 | Budokon Inversion Practice - 10 secrets of how I got my handstand

Do you feel stuck and frustrated in your handstand practice? That was me 2 years ago. Today I realize that there is so much more depth and richness to breaking through our fear of inverting than that instagram picture! In this class I will share my top 10 secrets of mechanics and tools to take your inversion practice to a next level, as well as how to live more fiercely and undisturbed when life plays upside down.

Sonntag 17:00 - 18:30 | Budokon - The Mixed Movement Artist

A Budokon mixed movement artist studies yoga, martial arts, calisthenics and animal locomotion. In this workshop we will explore movement through primal quadrupedal animal locomotion, distinct martial arts and yogic transitions as well as flexibility and mobility techniques that will change the way you understand and embody movement and have made Budokon one of the most renown and influential movement systems in the world.

Socks & long sleeve shirt suggested to cover skin for smoother floor transition.

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